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Saturday 2nd May 2009

Location: Goring, Oxfordshire, River Thames

Today: 4 miles, 4 locks. Total distance: 2109 miles.  Total locks: 1417

Back on the boat again after attending my mother’s funeral in Wiltshire. It was very nice to meet up with the family circle, just a shame that it had to be under such sad circumstances.

Pulled the pins around 12:00 today, turned around and headed back up to Cleeve lock to fill up with water as the next water point down stream is quite some distance away.

Decided to moor up again in Goring but on return to the visitor’s moorings after filling up with water, all spaces were taken – it’s getting a lot busier on the river – bank holiday weekend I guess.

Carried on down river for a mile or so before finding a spot deep enough to get the boat close enough to the bank to be able to get on and off.

Walked back into Goring village to pick up a few bits and pieces at the shop and decided to give the Thresher wine tasting party a try – a very good move indeed – plenty of good quality free wine on offer – turned out to be a very pleasant afternoon!!!!

A short while after returning to the boat we had a visit from a rather eccentric local couple. They suggested that we should move on as we were moored by their private meadow (there are no ‘No Mooring’ signs which is strange as they are very common on the Thames). After chatting to them for a while it transpired that a group of locals have bought a small strip of land from a local land owner and are ‘playing’ with it. Anyway, after a bit of ‘discussion’ we agreed that we would move on in the morning.

Upgraded my t-mobile phone a couple of days ago, I now have a Nokia N79 to replace my N70. I selected the N79 as it incorporates a HSPDA modem for higher speed internet access. Took a couple of photos with the phone while out walking Archie yesterday, surprisingly good quality for phone camera, see South Stoke photos below.

Current Mooring

South Stoke church - taken with Nokia N79 mobile phone

Cottage in South Stoke - taken with Nokia N79 mobile phone

No room at the inn - when we left an hour or so earlier there were loads of free spaces

Messing about on the river

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