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Friday 24th April 2009

Location: Goring, Oxfordshire, River Thames

Today: 7 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 2105 miles.  Total locks: 1413

Sadly, I received news in the early hours of this morning that my mother passed away peacefully in her sleep at 02:45. She was 87 on her last birthday. In many respects it is a blessing as she had been in pain for the past four months or so and there was no possibility of recovery from a crumbling spine caused by osteoporosis.

Pulled the pins around 09:30 and headed on down stream to Goring, stopping at Cleeve lock on the way to fill up with water. Water points are few and far between on this stretch of the river, the last being back at Abingdon lock.

Speaking of ‘few and far between’, the same applies for moorings, they are not easy to find on the Thames. Many places that would be nice to stop off at for an evening have ‘No Mooring’ signs all over the place. Benson is a prime example, the nearest moorings are a mile and a half away at Wallingford and the moorings closest to Wallingford town are charged at £5 per night. Many thanks to the lock keeper at Benson for letting us moor at the lock for the last two nights after I explained to him that I needed to be in Benson this morning to attend an 08:30 dental appointment. Mooring down at Wallingford would have been a touch inconvenient to say the least.

Stopped off at Wallingford on the way past to visit the Waitrose supermarket, the market (very small) and the local shops – a nice little town and well worth a visit.

Went for a walk around Goring this afternoon, some photos below.

Current Mooring

Cleeve Lock

Cleeve Lock water point

Nice house in Goring village

Goring Lock

Interesting house .....

Thames map

St Mary's church - Goring

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