Ten Bob Note


Sunday 3rd May 2009

Location: Reading, Berkshire, River Thames

Today: 11 miles, 2 locks. Total distance: 2120 miles.  Total locks: 1419

Pulled the pins around 10:00 and headed on down river – it’s nice to be on the move again.

Phoned around the local boat yards to find the best price for diesel. Some of the prices quoted were almost a joke. Kennet marina were charging 90p per litre for boaters that moored there and 100p per litre for non moorers. Ended up filling up at Caversham Boat Services – 101 litres at 62p per litre – a good price for the Thames.

After filling up with diesel, turned around and headed about a mile back up the river to moor for the night.

Very pleased with the new Nokia N79 phone, am seeing download speeds of around 300kB per second, very good but will only ever get good enough reception to achieve such speeds when moored near larger towns and cities. As an example, I couldn’t upload pages to the web site last night as the t-mobile reception a mile south of Goring was just about non existent.

Walked to the local Aldi store after lunch to pick up a few odds and ends, the store is just along the road opposite Caversham Boat Services.

Current Mooring

Filled up with diesel here - 62p per litre

Nice riverside cottages

One of many trip boats operating on the Thames

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