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Tuesday 14th October 2008

Location: Rugby, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 7 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1824 miles.  Total locks: 1254

Spent a lovely weekend at Brinklow, so nice that we decided to stay on there yesterday as well.

The weather has been lovely and there are some nice walks for the dogs around the village.

Pulled the pins around 08:30 and headed down to Rugby stopping off at Tesco on the way. We needed to move as we were getting very low on water.

Archie fell off the roof today, only the second time in the last two years. We were moving slowly as we passed an on coming boat when I heard a splash and thought that Archie had knocked a log off the roof. A couple of seconds later I saw him surface and swim to the side of the boat. I managed to get the boat almost to a standstill and grabbed his collar to pull him out. After a quick warm shower, he was back on the roof as if nothing had happened to him.

Update Thursday 16th

We walked into Rugby town centre yesterday with the dogs – just over 6 miles round trip from our current mooring spot. The town centre is worth a visit and there is everything there that you could wish for.

We will pop down to Hillmorton tomorrow to fill up with water then return to this same mooring area as it is nice and quiet here and only a mile or so of the train station.

BW appear to be really cracking down on unlicensed boats at the moment. They have set up a web page that can be used by anyone to check to see if a boat is licensed or not. I suspect that it is to save them having to continuously answer the phone for calls relating to people reporting unlicensed boats. I believe that there is another page on the BW site somewhere that can be used to inform BW about the location of unlicensed boats. Personally, I have got better things to do with my time than check boats have valid licenses but I can understand why BW have added the facility to their site.

We had just settled down after lunch when the peace and quiet was shattered by a passing boat blasting it’s horns. We looked out of the side hatch and were very pleased to see Vanessa and Mo on nb Balmaha (photo below). We last crossed paths on the Thames back in March as we were heading for the K&A. It was good to see them both looking happy and well.

Current Mooring

Vanessa and Mo on nb Balmaha

Rugby Town - Are those Xmas lights up (between the trees) in mid October ??

The trees will soon be bare

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