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Friday 10th October 2008

Location: Brinklow, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 13 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1817 miles.  Total locks: 1254

Pulled the pins at 08:00 and headed north up through the Hillmorton locks.

Stopped off for water at the bottom of the locks and stepped in a pile of dog poo that had been deposited right beside the mooring ring – photo below. We love dogs and religiously clean up after our two, we wish other dog owners could do the same. Many dog owners just let their dogs run loose on the tow path and couldn’t care less where they do their business – not much fun when you tread in it while mooring up.

Stopped of at the Tesco store in Rugby and picked up a few odds and ends before heading up to Brinklow where we moored up in the lovely spot that we moored at a week or so ago. We will stay here for the weekend as it is a pleasant walk into the shop in the village for papers etc.

Once again, the weather has been lovely today and there has been a lot of boating traffic on the canal. This is a lovely time of year on the canals if the weather is nice.

Current Mooring

Hillmorton double locks

A big thank you to the dog owner that let their dog poo by the mooring ring at the Hillmorton water point. Didn't see it until after I trod in it!!!

nb Piston Broke

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