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Thursday 9th October 2008

Location: Onley, Northamptonshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 6 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1804 miles.  Total locks: 1251

Pulled the pins just after 09:00 and headed into Braunston.
Decision time again, we thought about heading off to Yelvertoft for the weekend but then changed our minds as we didn’t feel in the mood to tackle the Braunston locks and the Watford flight today. When we arrived at the junction in Braunston, we took the easy route and turned left onto the Oxford canal.

Stopped at the water point by the junction to take on water then popped up to the shop to pick up the papers etc.

Headed off towards Rugby but by the time we got to Onley we decided to call it a day and moored up at a nice spot for the night. The weather has been lovely again today – long may it last.

We have just been passed by nb K2. Steve stopped briefly for a quick chat in passing – K2 is a lovely boat. Nice to have met you Steve. Just after Steve moved off I thought to myself that I should have grabbed a photo of K2 for this web page (brain not working as usual) - next time.

Current Mooring

View from the window

Braunston Junction

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