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Wednesday 7th October 2008

Location: Flecknoe, Warwickshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 6 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1797 miles.  Total locks: 1251

We walked up into the village with the dogs to pick up the paper before moving on.

Begin rant:
On the tow path, near the Stop House, we met a lady with a big Chocolate Labrador called Molly. We have come across her on a few occasions in the past and Molly always attacks our dogs. The lady has told us in the past that Molly does not like Jack Russel’s and often goes for them. Molly was NOT on the lead as usual and attacked Mabel (our dogs are NEVER off their leads when out and about). I had to fend Molly off with my boot – something I don’t like to do as it is not the dogs fault that she is free to do whatever she wishes. I had loud words with Mollys mistress and she had the nerve to blame us for the attack because little Mabel growled at Molly which caused Molly to go on the attack. This is the third time that Molly has attacked our dogs on the tow path around Braunston – if I had my way, I would have Molly’s mistress put down.
Rant over:

We pulled the pins around 10:00 and headed off towards Napton Or Stockton, we couldn’t decide where we wanted to go so thought that we would make the decision when we got to the junction at Wigrams Turn.

We stopped for lunch about a mile before the junction and happened to notice a fallen tree close to the canal. As we have been getting low on wood, it was out with the chainsaw and the wood went onto the roof.

After lunch, we headed on to Wigrams Turn and decided that we didn’t fancy Napton or Stockton so turned at the junction and headed back toward Braunston.

We passed some lovely moorings near Flecknoe and decided to moor up for the night and process the wood into logs.

The weather has been lovely today.

Current Mooring

View from the window

A few logs


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