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Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Location: Brinklow, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 7 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1831 miles.  Total locks: 1254

Spent the last week by the Rugby golf course. Moved just before the weekend as we went down to Hillmorton to top up with water etc.

I washed and polished both sides of the boat over the weekend. I polished one side of the boat last year while we were stuck at Hemel Hempstead waiting for BW to repair a lock gate. So, in the almost 3 years since buying the boat, one side has been polished once and the other side twice. The paintwork is in amazingly good condition considering the treatment it gets. I never have been one for washing and polishing things.

Pulled the pins this morning at 08:00 and headed up to Brinklow. I stopped of at the Tesco in Rugby to pick up a few odds and ends then stopped again at Newbold to fill up with water. I turned at Rose Narrow Boats and picked up a cylinder of gas while I was there. I am now moored almost on top of the aqueduct by the Brinklow Arches – a lovely peaceful spot.

While at Rose boat yard, I stopped and had a chat with Steve on nb K2. Steve was having K2’s engine serviced by Rose.

 Am feeling a little bit on the stiff side this afternoon. I guess it is because today is the first time in just over a week that I have been hauling 17 tones of boat about. I moored 3 times, Tesco, Newbold and then again, here at Brinklow. I think this boating lark provides more exercise that you would think it does.

Current Mooring

Polished boat - first time in 3 years!!

Newbold Tunnel - more like a long bridge

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