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Monday 23rd June 2008

Location: Napton, Warwickshire, Oxford canal

Today: 15 miles, 16 locks. Total distance: 1459 miles.  Total locks: 1007

Pulled the pins at 07:00 and headed up through the 8 locks just north of Cropredy. Managed to get up through most of them before the queues started at around 08:30. It is getting to be quite busy on the canals now.

Managed to re-tile the fire surround over the weekend. Fixed the tiles on with high temperature silicone sealant. It looks like they are well fixed but only time will tell. Just need to get some grout now to finish it off, I thought I had some but it looks like I must have thrown it out think that I would not be tiling again any time soon. Luckily I still have the liquid for mixing with the grout to give it some flexibility.

We passed through our one thousandth lock today!!!

The tow path up this way is a little better than it was further south but still needs to be cut back. BW are still having problems with the contractors that they have engaged to manage the tow path maintenance.

We intend to pop into Braunston tomorrow to pick up three 5 litre cans of oil plus an oil filter. We have been advised that mooring may be a problem as there is a historic boat show being held there this coming weekend. If we can’t get moored we will just turn around and head for Warwick and points north as that is our planned next destination.

Current Mooring

Same mooring back in February

Fire surround tiled - again....... just need grout now

Find the tow path!!!

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