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Tuesday 24th June 2008

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Grand Union canal

Today: 7 miles, 1 locks. Total distance: 1466 miles.  Total locks: 1008

Pulled the pins at 07:00 and headed down through the Napton bottom lock to the water point. There are two water points by the bottom lock and both of them were taken up by boats that had been moored there over night. A boat in front of us coming down the lock wanted water as well but because they couldn’t get to the water point they told us that they would wait until they get to Braunston. As we didn’t know if we would moor in Braunston or before Braunston at the Puddle Banks I pulled in and asked one of the boats to move so that I could get to the water point. The guy wasn’t very happy but admitted that he was in the wrong and moved off. There are BW signs every 10 feet advising that the moorings are to be used for taking on water only – it’s strange how some folk are happy to disregard others and ignore the signs.  We would never dream of mooring up somewhere that would interfere with other people’s access to facilities.

Anyway, headed on to Braunston to find that nearly all of the moorings were taken – we half expected this due to the historic boat show this coming weekend. Managed to get the only spot there was which is almost beside the BW stop house. The moorings along the Puddle Banks are full. As we are only really here to pick up oil and probably to visit the Old Plough for a meal tonight, this spot will do us nicely.

We took a walk up to the shop in the village then round to the chandlery by the bottom lock. We picked up two 5 litre cans of oil but couldn’t buy a filter because I had forgotten to write down the part number. As we had to go back to get the filter, we left the third 5 litre can of oil until the next visit. After lunch, while looking up the part number for the filter, I noticed that the recommended oil for the engine, gearbox and generator is different from the oil we picked up this morning. Out with the rucksacks again and back to the chandlery. Bought all three 5 litre cans of oil plus the oil filter and carried it all back to the boat. There are so many different grades of oil these days that just grabbing oil advertised as suitable for diesel engines is not good enough.

Current Mooring

Boat with UPVC double glazed windows - they just don't look right

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