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Thursday 19th June 2008

Location: Cropredy, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 4 miles, 4 locks. Total distance: 1444 miles.  Total locks: 991

Awake early this morning so pulled the pins around 06:45 and moved up to the northern end of Banbury. Moored up opposite Sovereign Marina as we needed a drop of diesel and they don’t open until 10:00.

Walked up to B&Q to buy some tiles for the fire surround. Ended up going for the cheapest they do so if they should all fall off again, it won’t have cost us a lot.

After returning from B&Q we moved the boat over to Sovereign and had a cup of coffee while we waited for the place to open up. They finally arrived and opened up at 10:15. We wanted to wait as their diesel was 80p per litre which is fairly reasonable. Dusty the coal boat came by a few days ago and was charging 85p. 5p may not sound much but when you are buying 100+ litres it makes a difference. The guy filling our tank was telling us that they were expecting a new delivery later in the day and the price would be going up to 84p per litre.

After topping up with diesel we had a pleasant cruise up to Cropredy. Passed Graham on nb Alnwick and stopped for a bit of a chat as we passed.

We went for a nice walk with the dogs over the fields in the afternoon, Cropredy has some lovely country walks which we always enjoy.

We passed a boat waiting to enter a lock just north of Banbury. The boat has been adapted to enable a disabled person to steer it from a raised seat using what looks like a big car steering wheel. An absolutely fantastic idea. Photo below.

I have started to receive spam email to the web at Ernies Place email address that is at the bottom of all my web pages. The email address at the bottom of the page is a jpg file (similar to a photograph) and is theoretically not machine readable. Someone must have manually fed the email address into a spam list. Nearly all of the email I have been receiving has been originating from Germany. If it gets much worse I will have to change the email address I use for this web site.

Current Mooring

Boat has been adapted for a disabled driver - Absolutely brilliant idea

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