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Monday 9th June 2008

Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 2 miles, 1 locks. Total distance: 1440 miles.  Total locks: 987

Up early today and moved on to Banbury. Had intended to moor south of the town but due to the state of the tow path (grass and weeds too long to be able to walk the dogs) we have moored up just on the outskirts of the town where the tow path is in a slightly better state.

Got the shears out and cleared a stretch of the weeds for the length of the boat. Will be sending a bill to BW for the work I have carried out on their behalf.

We were talking to a lady that has a permanent mooring close by. Not sure how much truth there is in the story but she was telling us that BW gave the grass cutting contract for this section of the Oxford canal to a company that has only got two employees. The company is trying it’s best to recruit another six employees but seems to be struggling.

Did a shop at Morrison’s as it is nice and handy to the canal.

Saturday 14th

Well I have been hovering here at Banbury since Monday and bit by bit have been catching up with a few odd jobs I have been meaning to do for a while.

I have varnished the stern deck and also the wooden covers on the lockers in the bow.

I have also persuaded myself to make a start on re-tiling the fire surround as all of the tiles have come away from the Asbestolux fire proof backing board that I fitted last year. I have spent a good part of the afternoon removing the old tiles (not too difficult as they were falling off) and sanding off all of the old cement from the Asbestolux (photo below). The old tiles are now in the bin as they were covered in cement and it would have taken too long to clean them up. All I have to do now is buy some new tiles and find out what I can use to stick them on with – something that will withstand the heat and vibration that the tiles are subject to. There is a B&Q at the other end of town very close to the canal so we can pick some tiles up from there on the way past next week.

I have been advised that I should use either high temperature silicone sealant or no more nail to stick the tiles on with. I am not sure which to go for and I don’t want to be back in the same position again this time next year so I want to be sure that I use the right stuff this time.

Sunday 15th – Fathers Day
Had a lovely surprise late this morning. The dogs started barking and I could make out the shadow of someone standing right outside the boat. At first I thought it was someone just being nosey then I realised (when I saw the person’s face) that it was my son Glenn (photos below).

Glenn popped down from Birmingham to say hello for Fathers Day. He also brought with him a card and a lovely bottle of Rose wine. The wine is very unlikely to be around come tomorrow morning as it is a lovely evening and a nice glass (or two) of cold Rose on the rear deck will go down a treat. Thanks for coming Glenn, it was lovely to see you.

Current Mooring - had to get the shears out again

10 little ducklings keep visiting for food

Tiles removed and Asbestolux sanded back to smooth again

My son Glenn

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