Ten Bob Note


Sunday 8th June 2008

Location: Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire, Oxford canal

Today: 5 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1438 miles.  Total locks: 986

We decided to move on in search of some better tow path as you need waders on in the morning at Ayno. Ended up mooring at Kinks Sutton with the intention of walking into the village to pick up the papers. The tow path is no better here – see photo below.

Started to walk across the fields to the village but had to give up due to the path being under water in places – no papers today. We have walked from this spot into Banbury in the past but with the tow path in the state it is in at the moment we decided not to bother even trying – British Waterways should be ashamed of themselves.

Current Mooring

Same mooring back in February when we were heading south

Same mooring last September

Nell Bridge - was closed last week due to lack of height during the floods

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