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Saturday 6th October 2007

Location: Wallingford, Oxfordshire, Thames

Today: 17 miles, 5 locks. Total distance: 694 miles.  Total locks: 471

Cool and grey all day. Reasonable t-mobile 3g reception here

Pulled the pins around 09:00 and headed on down the Thames. Some lovely scenery on the way.

After passing Abington, we both decided that we fancied roast beef for dinner as it was a cool and grey day. Talking to the lock keepers on the way, we were advised that the closest place to find a joint of beef was Wallingford so that is where we headed for.

Arrived Wallingford mid afternoon. There were no suitable moorings below the bridge even though the guide books indicated that there were some. Turned around and headed back up the river and managed to find a length of bank with water deep enough to get in close enough to moor. Walked back into Wallingford to the Waitrose supermarket where Rhonda bought a lovely lump of rib of beef on the bone. Cooked a full roast dinner in the evening and it was lovely.

We arrived at Benson Lock at 13:40 and found a note from the lock keeper informing us that he would be back from lunch around 14:10. The lock keepers usually go off for lunch between 13:00 and 14:00. Decided that we would have a go at operating the lock ourselves. All of the locks that we have passed through since Oxford have been hydraulically operated. When the lock keepers go off duty, they turn off the hydraulic pump so the lock has to be operated by turning a large wheel that operates a hydraulic pump. We managed to get through the lock but in future will wait for the lock keeper to return as operating the hydraulic pump manually is VERY hard work!!

Set up the satellite dish in order to watch the dancing program on BBC1 at 18:15. Managed to get all channels accept BBC1. The BBC1 channel was there but badly broken up. The last time I set up the dish for the TV was last Monday and BBC1 was breaking up then as well. I had put the poor signal down to weather but it looks as if there is some other reason. I checked on the web and found some info that suggested that the signal strength should be around 80% and the signal quality should be over 50%. Ever since buying the dish and the Sky box, I have never seen the signal quality better than around 15% although the signal strength is always up around 80%. Will have to investigate further as it looks like there has always been a problem and it has now got to the stage where the signal is just not good enough for BBC reception.

Current mooring - early Sunday morning


Big plastic

Just south of Abington, the canal is now a road!!

Nice little house on the bank of the Thames. Would think about buying it if the boat house was big enough to take a narrow boat!!


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