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Thursday 4th October 2007

Location: Radley, Oxfordshire, Thames

Today: 12 miles, 6 locks. Total distance: 677 miles.  Total locks: 466

Lovely day, warm and sunny. Good t-mobile 3g reception here

Walked the dogs into Eynsham to get the papers. There is a Co-Op, a paper shop and a butcher shop. Picked up some pork chops and home made sausages from the butcher. Eynsham is a nice little village.

Pulled the pins and dropped down through Eynsham lock just before 09:00 – the lock keeper comes on duty at 09:00 and we prefer to operate the locks ourselves when possible.

Continued on down the river through Oxford. Passed under Osney bridge – described by one lock keeper as the Gin Palace filter as it is too low to allow the big Gin Palaces to get up stream of Oxford.

The weather has been lovely today, nicer than some of the days we had back in the summer.

There are much better moorings below Oxford, we managed to get into a lovely spot near Radley. We walked the dogs into Radley village in the afternoon – it is about a mile and a half from the river. Not much there, a paper shop, train station and a pub.

We found some old bits of tree in the hedges so it was out with the saw to cut them up into logs small enough to burn in the stove. They burn a treat. See photo below.

Fired up the BBQ in the evening and cooked the chops and sausages that we bought from the butcher in Eynsham, they were lovely, wish we had bought more.

Friday 5th
Walked into the village with the dogs this morning to pick up the papers. The village shop is actually owned and staffed by a group of the villagers.

As the spot where we are moored is so nice and the weather is lovely, we decided to stay on here for another night.

Found a load more wood and have cut it up into logs for the fire, got quite a lot now, they burn very well

It has been a quiet day on the river, only about ten boats have passed all day, half plastic, half narrow boats.

Current mooring


Godstow Lock

Osney Bridge - stops Gin Palaces getting upstream of Oxford

Looking back at Oxford from down stream

Nice pile of free logs



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