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Wednesday 3rd October 2007

Location: Eynsham, Oxfordshire, Thames

Today: 24 miles, 8 locks. Total distance: 665 miles.  Total locks: 460

Mild. Started grey then a bit of sun came out. Good t-mobile GPRS reception here

Pulled the pins around 09:30 after popping into town for the papers.

Travelled back down river and moored up at Eynsham for the night. The lock keeper kindly allowed us to moor on the weir island. There is one 24 hour public mooring at the bottom of the lock and one at the top. Both were occupied when we arrived at around 17:00.

We wanted to moor close to Eynsham so that we can walk into the village in the morning with the dogs to get the papers and milk etc.

All in all, there is not much to be seen along the river between Oxford and Lechlade, it is very rural, mostly flood plains. Lovely scenery though. I am going to say it once again – there is not a lot of good moorings for narrow boats on the stretch of Thames between Oxford and Lechlade – a pity really.

It’s interesting how the different lock keepers have different attitudes towards boaters helping with operating the locks. Sometimes we would arrive at a lock and there would be no sign of the lock keeper so we would start setting the lock. Some keepers when they appeared and found us operating the locks were more than happy for the help, others were quite displeased about the idea and would be quite abrupt. Strange when you consider that outside the lock keeper working hours boaters are not only free to operate the locks themselves, they have to !!! To be quite honest, we would much prefer to operate the locks ourselves at all times.

Current mooring

Father Thames at St John's lock

Rushey Lock - the undulating hedge to the left is going to be the Rushey Lock Monster when the head grows !!

Rushey Lock - note the frog


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