Ten Bob Note  

Sunday 7th October 2007

Location: Goring, Oxfordshire, Thames

Today: 7 miles, 2 locks. Total distance: 701 miles.  Total locks: 473

Mild day. Poor t-mobile GPRS reception here

Walked into town with the dogs to pick up the papers.

Changed the cable between the Sky box and the satellite dish, no improvement. Found that I could improve the signal quality to around 45% by rotating the LMB slightly. BBC1 came in loud and clear with the quality at 45%. Will ask around to see what other people are achieving with similar equipment.

Pulled the pins at around 10:00 and headed on down the river. Moored up just below the lock at Goring and had a wander around the village. There is a stores, bakers and butcher shop in the village. Will pop back in tomorrow and check out the butchers.

Lots of rowing boats on the river today, was a challenge to miss some of them!!

Current mooring

Ugly house

Goring Lock




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