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Wednesday 26th September 2007

Location: Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 9 miles, 5 locks. Total distance: 591 miles.  Total locks: 429

Cold, Some sunny spells. Good t-mobile GPRS reception here

We walked the dogs back into Banbury for a last visit to Morison’s to pick up the papers and a few odds and ends.

Pulled the pins around 10:00 and headed south on our way toward Oxford.

Moored up in a nice quiet spot for the night, shouldn't be too many dog walkers, runners and cyclists passing tonight???

A big change in the weather today, quite cold and windy although when the wind eased and the sun came out it was fairly warm. Had a warm hat and a fleece on for the first time in a long time today. Looks like it is time to dig out the winter clothes!!

Mabel had her new coat on for a while today, she does not like it one bit but it helps to keep her warm.

We came down through Somerton Deep Lock. There is a lovely lock keepers cottage at the side of the lock and the gardens are very well kept. Some photos below.

Current mooring

Lovely cottage at Somerton Deep Lock

Somerton Deep Lock - 12 feet deep


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