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Monday 24th September 2007

Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 10 miles, 6 locks. Total distance: 582 miles.  Total locks: 424

Warm, sunny spells. Good t-mobile 3g reception here


Pulled the pins at 08:30 and headed south to turn in order to get back to Banbury. All in all, covered 10 miles, 6 locks and two lift bridges single handed. Quite a busy day. Got moored up close to the train station about 15 minutes before the train arrived. My journey of ten miles took 6 hours.

Picked up another 61 litres of diesel at Sovereign Wharf  as it is a good price at 49p per litre.

Tuesday 25th
Had a nice walk with the dogs into and around Banbury. Bought Mabel a new lead and a nice warm coat for the winter. Mabel is constantly on steroids as she is allergic to just about everything. The steroids seem to make her very sensitive to the cold. Once the temperature drops below around 17c she start shivering constantly. Hopefully the new coat will keep her warm while she is out on the deck.

Current mooring



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