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Friday 21st September 2007

Location: Adderbury, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 5 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 572 miles.  Total locks: 418

Mild, very windy. Good t-mobile GPRS reception here

From 18:00 to around 19:30 last night, the tow path and the bank opposite were like the M25 for dog walkers. Archie and Mabel both went mad at every dog that past. The farmer had left the lift bridge down as he was working in the field on the tow path side and many of the dog walkers that would normally not be able to cross over to the tow path were using the opportunity to cross the bridge to walk along the tow path. The tow path was a bit of a mess this morning with dog mess.

Was woken at 06:00 this morning by the dogs barking at dog walkers on the opposite bank. Made the decision to move to a more peaceful spot.

A boater moored a short distance behind me last night was complaining that when he got off his boat this morning to walk his dog, there was a huge big pile of dog muck just where he stepped off his boat. He was quite rightly not a happy chap.

I reversed the half mile back to the winding hole then turned and headed into Banbury to take on water and dump rubbish. The reversing was made all the more interesting because of the wind. Narrow boats don’t reverse well at the best of times.
Turned again at the winding hole just north of Banbury and headed back south to Adderbury as it is such a nice quiet spot with very little foot traffic. I am now moored up at the same spot as we were moored at last week. At some point I will need to carry on south to the next winding holes so that I can turn again to get back to Banbury to pick Rhonda up from the train station when she returns. Will make the trip to turn early one morning next week.

Met Adam off nb Debdale while dropping down through the Banbury lock. Adam was waiting to go up the lock and came over to say hello. Adam has a blog at: www.nbdebdale.blogspot.com. Nice to have met you Adam, I will have a think about RSS feeds.

Current mooring

View from the window - What a lovely country this is….

Working boat Dusty. Cage full of gas bottles at the front

Large plastic diesel tank

nb Dusty


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