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Monday 16th September 2007

Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 3 miles, 2 locks. Total distance: 567 miles.  Total locks: 415

Warm, overcast. Good t-mobile 3g reception here

Reversed the half mile back to the winding hole then turned and headed into Banbury to take on water and dump rubbish. Turned again at the winding hole just north of Banbury and headed back south again.
Stopped off at Morrison’s and picked up some bottles of wine as the store is very close to the canal which is handy for carrying heavy stuff.
Had lunch in Morrison’s, freshly cooked fish and chips, very nice and reasonably priced.
Returned back to close to where we were moored last night. Stopped a hundred yards or so short of the armco and moored in the weeds with the gang plank down. Don’t expect to have anyone moor right next to us as it is a difficult spot to get near the bank. I will feel happier running the generator now as it won’t be disturbing anyone. Last night we had a boat moor 6 feet in front of us and I felt a bit guilty running the generator for an hour at 17:00 as the exhaust from the generator points directly out of the front of our cratch cover and straight at anyone who is moored in front of us. When we have not been travelling during the day we need to run the generator for a couple of hours or so each to keep the batteries charged.

Tuesday 18th

After going to all of the trouble clearing a mooring in the weeds yesterday afternoon, we ended up moving as there was so much dog walking traffic in the field opposite that the dogs were going mad. Now moored a hundred yards or so further south where there is slightly less dog walking traffic on the other side of the canal. There is very little traffic on this side which is better for the dogs.

Wednesday 19th
Up at 06:00 due to dog walkers on the non towpath side disturbing the dogs. Jack Russell’s  are lovely dogs but they bark at the least little sound of other dogs or strangers. Great for guarding the boat but not so great when they go off in the early hours of the morning!!

Another early wake up like this morning and I think I could be tempted to move on south to a quieter spot with less foot traffic but I then have a longer trip back to Banbury for water etc. and a longer walk to shops should I want something. If I move, I will move back down to Adderbury as it is lovely and peaceful down there.

Thursday 20th – 16:45
Walked into Banbury with the dogs this morning and popped into Morrison’s for milk etc.
Been a funny day weather wise, blustery with the odd shower but warm.
Still no sign of the new arrival.

Current mooring

Banbury looking over the top lock gate


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