Ten Bob Note  

Wednesday 5th September 2007

Location: Wormleighton, Warwickshire, Oxford canal

Today: 6 miles, 9 locks. Total distance: 537 miles.  Total locks: 394

Warm, overcast. Poor t-mobile GPRS reception here.

Pulled the pins around 08:15 and moved the short distance down to the bottom lock where I stopped to dump rubbish and take on water before walking into the village shop with the dogs to get the papers.

Headed up through the 9 locks south of Napton. A very pleasant cruise which took around 2 hours to complete. Once again, we passed through some lovely countryside today.

Moored up in a nice quiet spot north of Wormleighton around 12:30.  There is a circular walk of around 3 miles that goes down through Wormleighton village, we will take the dogs around the walk later on this afternoon.

Received an email from a Johnny Essex this morning advising me of a mistake in the text relating to our mooring site photo yesterday. I had noted that the Napton windmill could be seen towards the right hand side of the photo of our mooring. In actual fact, the windmill is to the left of the photo. Thank you Johnny for pointing out my deliberate mistake for yesterday, I have now corrected the text. I am always very happy to be advised of mistakes I have made on the web site, I know that there are many to be found.

UPDATE 18:00: Some photos added below following our walk.

We walked the circular route across the fields to Wormleighton, a lovely walk with beautiful views across the Warwickshire countryside. A 3 mile round trip. Transfered the route from the Ordnance Survey maps on the computer to the GPS and follwed the GPS. Just as well we had the GPS as some of the paths are not obvious in the fields.

Current mooring

View over the countryside close to our mooring

Looking down towards the canal. Ten Bob Note can just be seen in the center of the photo.

Around Wormleighton


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