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Tuesday 4th September 2007

Location: Napton, Warwickshire, Oxford canal

Today: 6 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 531 miles.  Total locks: 385

Warm and sunny. Reasonable t-mobile GPRS reception here.

Went out for a meal at the Old Plough last night and as usual we were not disappointed. Good home cooked food at reasonable prices.

Walked up to the village this morning with the dogs. Picked up the papers etc. Popped into the Midland Chandlers on the way back to the boat for a quick look around. Managed to come away with only some lamp oil for the oil lamps and a bottle of meths for cleaning the stove glass.

Left Braunston around 10:00 and headed for Napton. We are now on our way to Banbury as there is a train station there that is on the main line to Reading and will be handy for a possible journey to Cornwall. Passed through some lovely countryside and the sun shone most of the way.

Moored up at Napton for the night. We will head up through the 8 lock flight tomorrow morning when the traffic is not so busy. Still a lot of boats out and about.

We walked the dogs into Napton village to take a look at the post office as we can get the papers there in the morning. The shop sell just about everything you could want and is only 500 yards from the bridge at the bottom lock. There is a little shop beside the bottom lock that sells papers but they don’t open till 09:00 and we may well be gone by then. The post office opens at 07:00 during the week.

The weather is turning noticeably cooler in the early mornings – autumn is on it’s way.

Current mooring, note windmill up on the hill to the left


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