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Thursday 6th September 2007

Location: Cropredy, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 10 miles, 8 locks. Total distance: 547 miles.  Total locks: 402

Warm, sunny in the affternoon. Poor to nonexistant t-mobile GPRS reception here.

Pulled the pins around 08:30 and headed on to Fenny Compton to dump rubbish and take on water.

Stopped at Fenny marina for gas. We had two empty bottles, a 13kg bottle for the Alde boiler and a 6kg bottle that we have been using for the BBQ. We wanted to exchange the 6kg for a 13kg but they wouldn’t do it which we found strange as we have never had problems in the past changing one size for another. Also, the 13kg bottle was £18.50, the dearest we have ever had to pay. The norm has been around £17.50, I wonder if gas has gone up?? Diesel was £0.53 per litre and we didn’t really need any so at that price we gave it a miss. We would have topped up if it had been a more reasonable price - £0.50 and below being reasonable in our book.

We had been planning on mooring for the night just south of Fenny Compton but when we got there, there was nowhere suitable for mooring so we carried on and went down through the locks to just north of Cropredy. Moored up and walked into the village – it’s a nice place. May stay on here tomorrow and take some photos of the village. It has been quite a tiring day due to the heat and the locks, could do with a day of rest!!

Friday 7th

Warm and sunny so far

Walked with the dogs down to the village and had a wander around to take some photos (see below).

Decided to stay on here for the day to do some washing and odds and ends to the boat. Need to check the water level in the 7 batteries. Not my favourite job as they are a real pain to get at. If I ever have a boat built, I will definitely go for a design with an engine room to make life easier when it comes to servicing etc. I will just go for a longer boat to make up for the lost space required to house the engine, electrics etc.

Re Fenny Marina telling us yesterday that Calor don't allow them to exchange cylinders of different sizes, I emailed Calor and also checked on their web site. The Calor web site clearly states the following:

Q: I would like to exchange my cylinder for a different size, can we do this at any Calor outlet?

A: Yes, call your local CGD outlet on 0800 662 663 and they will be able to advise. All bottles except for the 5kg Patio Gas can be exchanged.

The bottle we wanted to exchange yesterday was one of the standard red 6kg LPG cylinders so Fenny should have exchanged it for us. Won’t be doing any further business with Fenny marina when we pass this way again!!


A note on life jackets: We have been looking for life jackets for our trip down the Thames to Limehouse and also for next year when we plan head down the Trent on our way to York. We spoke to a British Waterways guy who advised us that they use Crewsaver auto inflation jackets and that they have them inspected/serviced once a year by Crewsaver. We were also advised by Midland Chandlers in Braunston that they needed inspecting/servicing once a year.

I phoned a Crewsaver distributor the other day and they advised me that they only need returning for inspection/servicing every 4 years. Another source on the web advised me that inspection once every 5 years is sufficient.

I checked on the Crewsaver website a few days ago and there is a note there that advises servicing every year. I finally decided to phone Crewsaver yesterday and a lady in the sales department confirmed that their recommendation is to return the jackets annually for inspection and servicing if required.

The problem we have is receiving mail/packages as we live on the boat full time and are continuously on the move. We will have to have the jackets mailed to relatives addresses and then pick them up as and when we can. Receiving mail/parcels is about the only problem we have come across so far with living on the boat.

We decided to go for self inflating jackets because the foam jackets are so cumbersome that there is a danger we would not use them when we should. We decided to go for Crewsaver because if they are good enough for BW staff, they should be good enough for us.

We have been advised to buy crotch straps to with the jackets so that they can not slip off over the head in the water, good advice that we will take.

Friday PM update:

Went for a nice long circular walk with the dogs over the fields. Four miles total round trip. Lovely scenary. Never got around to checking the batteries - a job for tomorrow!!

Current mooring

The Boat - passed her at Fenny Compton marina

Cropredy church

Red Lion pub looking down the hill

Canal side cottage

Look at the roof

The Brasenose pub/restaurant, 250 yards from the canal at bridge 153


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