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29th May 2007

Location: Kilby Bridge.   N52:34:07 W1:06:21   

We stayed at Fleckney for the past 3 nights, waiting for the weather to improve. For once, the weather forecast was spot on. It rained solid for over 48 hours.

We had planned to eat in the Old Crown last night but luckily decided to phone them before wwalking to the pub. It turned out that they would only be serving food until 18:00 as it was a bank holiday. That was the end of our meal out!!

There is a good size Co-Op in the village, well worth a visit for stocking up if passing by. There is also a post office and a paper shop that sells all sorts.

We decided to move on this morning as we were getting a bit low on water. We headed on northwards through the beautiful Leicestershire countryside. It was raining lightly as we pulled the pins but it soon dried up and turned out to be quite a nice morning.

We passed through 11 locks on our 5 mile journey to Kilby Bridge to take on water. After filling the tank, we moved across to the 48 hour moorings for the night.

We met up with a number of boats heading back down south. Apparently, the river Soar is closed in Leicester due to flooding (not surprised after all the rain we have just had). There is no way to get north without using a stretch of the Soar. As they were limited to time, they could not afford to wait for the flooding to subside and the river to re-open. Luckily, it doesn’t bother us as we are in no hurry to get anywhere. We are now thinking of heading over to Wales once we clear Leicester.

Wednesday 30th.
We ate out yesterday evening in the Navigation pub. It’s right on the side of the canal by Kilby Bridge. Excellent food and pleasant staff, if we pass this way again, we will pay them another visit. I had garlic mushrooms and was quite surprised to find that they were fresh mushrooms fried in a seasoned garlic butter, they were not out of the freezer as is normally the case. I also had the Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, again, all fresh stuff and delicious.

We have decided to stay on here for a day or so as it is a nice quiet spot. Also, with the Soar closed, we don’t want to end up waiting in the middle of Leicester although there are secure moorings at Castle Gardens.

We have actually got good 3g phone reception here (t-mobile), first time since Braunston.

Although the Nicholson’s guide book says there are no shops near by, there is a paper shop that sells all sorts of stuff about a mile away. A few hundred yards past the paper shop, there is a family butcher selling locally produced meats (we picked up some local sausages and some pork chops there). A short way further on is a Texaco garage with a small Summerfield store attached. Once again, it is possible to get hold of just about anything you could need food wise within about a mile of the canal.

We phoned British Waterways at lunchtime and they informed us that the Soar is now open again.


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