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26th May 2007

Location: Fleckney.   N52:32:23 W1:02:07   

My son birthday today, Happy Birthday Glenn

A quick update while the leg of lamb is roasting in the oven. It smells lovely. Looking forward to a nice roast lamb dinner with a glass of wine - or 2!!

Woken up early again today by dog walkers etc. Even though I had moved the boat half a mile or so away from the basin, it turned out that it was not far enough to get away from it all. Without exaggeration, someone walked, ran or cycled past the boat at least every 15-20 minutes from 06:00 to 21:00 and the dogs greeted just about every one of them. Lesson learnt, I will not moor up in a built up area for more than the odd night in the future.

Woken up early again this morning. Pulled the pins at 07:30 and headed back to the basin to take on water and to turn the boat around again. Walked into town with the dogs to pick up a few bits and pieces from Tesco and Wilkinson’s. Bought another clothes horse for drying clothes inside when the weather is damp. The rucksack is a boon for carrying the shopping back to the boat in.

While taking on water, we fired up the washing machine again to wash the dog’s bedding and towels as they were beginning to smell a bit. It took an hour for the wash cycle to complete and just over the hour to bring the water tank up to full from about half full.

We left Market Harborough at around 10:30 and headed back to Foxton where we turned North for Leicester. Very busy again at Foxton and the weather was lovely.

We had intended to moor up at Fleckney as bad weather is forecast for the next few days (well, it would be, it’s a bank holiday!!). According to the Nicholson’s canal guide book, there is a nice pub, a post office and a small supermarket at Fleckney, hence the attraction. If the weather forecast is correct, we will stay here until the weather improves. We had latterly just got moored when the rain started. Looks like the weather forecast is right.

This is a nice spot here, hopefully there will not be any walkers at 06:00 to wake the dogs up. We also have a good line of site to the satellite and it only took a couple of minutes to get the dish set up. I doubt if there is anything on the telly worth watching, but if there is, at least I goty the dish set up before the rain came on proper.

We stopped off at Debdale marina to get some engine oil and an oil filter as it is due for a change. The canal guide said that there was a chandlery at the marina but it turned out that there was next to nothing there. They could provide some oil, but no filter. I decided to wait until we come to somewhere with a proper shop. The oil is supposed to be changed every 200 hours and it is now 230 since I last changed it so it is a little overdue.

Wash day on Ten Bob Note - testing the new washing line.

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Foxton Inn beside the bottom lock

Foxton Locks Inn

Foxton bottom lock

Foxton Bottom Lock



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