Ten Bob Note  

31st May 2007

Location: Cossington.   N52:41:42 W1:06:07   

Looked at the sky when we got up and checked the weather forecast on line and decided to stay put at Kilby Bridge until the weather improves.

Walked the dogs to the paper shop and butcher shop. Picked up some more sausages as the ones we bought yesterday were lovely. Also bought a lovely joint of pork for the weekend.

By the time we got back to the boat, the sky had cleared and we decided to move on to Leicester, the plan being to spend the night at the secure moorings at Castle Gardens in the middle of the town.

Just as were moving off, another boat came past and we agreed that we would head up through the locks together as it is always much easier when there are two crews for the locks.

We got talking to Jim off the other boat and he recommended that we don’t stop at Leicester. Some while back, he and his wife moored up near the football stadium for lunch. Four teenage lads turned up on their bikes and boarded the boat. All in all, it wasn’t a pleasant experience for them and it took a while to get rid of the lads. This was probably a very isolated incident but we decided we would give Leicester a miss and just sail through to the other side.

We passed Castle Gardens on the way through town and decided that we would not have wanted to spend the night there regardless of Jim’s story. There are not very many moorings there and we do not want to breast up with other boats because of the dogs.

It was very pleasant travelling through the city center and once again, there is some lovely scenery north and south of the city.

It was a huge help travelling with Jim as all in all, we travelled 16 miles and passed through 19 locks over a continuous period of 8 hours. Today was a record for us as we normally only travel for 3 or 4 hours in a day. The weather turned out to be not too bad with only a couple of showers along the way.

We moored up for the night beside Water Mead park, a lovely place. As it was fairly late by the time we got moored up, we decided to eat out as there was a pub a few hundred yards away (Hope and Anchor). The food was cheap and cheerful but served the purpose.

Castle Gardens secure moorings on the right

Castle Gardens

Leicester northern outskirts

Leicester norther outskirts

Limekiln Lock Leicester

Limekiln lock Leicester


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