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18th May 2007.

Location: Yelvertoft.   N52:22:51 W1:05:37   

Well, the blacking is all finished and we left the dry dock yesterday morning.

Jen (Tony Bale's wife) did an excellent job blacking the hull. Three coats of International Intertuf. Looked lovely when she had finished.

While Jen was doing the blacking, we were painting the parts of the boat below the cabin walls while we had the opportunity to get at them. Some photos below.

After leaving Crick, we headed north and moored up at a lovely spot north of Yelvetoft, just opposite Covert Woods. It’s a great place for the dogs as there are no roads nearby and they can run in the woods.

We walked into Yelvertoft this morning, the round trip being 5.5 miles. I have one of those hand held satellite navigation toys that tells me how far we have walked, average speed and the way back. A very enjoyable walk and the weather was lovely. There are two shops in the village, a great little butcher shop and a post office that sells everything you could think of.

The plan is to pull the pins in the morning and head a little way further north to North Kilworth where we can get the papers etc.

Nice shiney hull and gunwale

Red and white bands painted

Front deck painted

Front deck painted

North of Yelvertoft


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