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15th May 2007.

Received a phone call yesterday morning at around 08:15 from the guy doing the blacking on the boat. He phoned to ask if we were nearly at Crick as they were ready to move the boat into the dry dock. Luckily, we were only a few hundred yards from the marina. There had been a mix up with the dates, I had the 16th in my diary and Tony had the 14th in his. No harm done as it only took 15 minutes to pull the pins and to get to the dock.

The boat is currently in the dry dock and has had the hull pressure washed ready for blacking. Tony’s wife is doing all of the work.

Spent all of yesterday afternoon sanding down the gunwales and priming the bare bits in readiness for a fresh coat of black paint or two to tidy them up. We didn’t get finished until gone 7 PM and were too tired to cook (good excuse) so we headed off into Crick to the Red Lion where we enjoyed a very nice meal and a couple of pints. We were surprised how busy the pub was for the time of day and the time of year, it must be really jumping in peak holiday season!!

It has been raining quite heavily again this morning, hopefully it will clear up later like it did yesterday. At least we are mostly under cover in the dock.

Some photos of the hull after pressure washing, although they don't look great, the hull is in very good condition:

Bow Thruster Tube


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