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13th May 2007.

Today is my daughter Tracy's birthday and also my niece's son Luke. Happy birthday.

Well, we moved on to the boat last Thursday as planned and left Ventnor farm for the last time. We had a very pleasant year at Ventnor and will miss the friendly and helpful staff there.

I am now into my sixth week of retirement and must say that I don’t know how I ever had the time to work!! I can thoroughly recommend this retirement lark, my advice to anyone would be to retire at the earliest possible opportunity and enjoy life while still fit enough to do so.

Anyway, we spent a couple of nights in Braunston as we are very fond of the place. We also needed the time to try and sort out all of our belongings that we brought with us (Rhonda is still looking for places to stow stuff as I write this). Everything will be found a place to live – eventually.

Left Braunston yesterday morning and came up through the Braunston locks with a party of Australians on a Calcutt hire boat. This was their first time on the canals and they were enjoying it. We showed them how to work the locks and pointed them at the Admiral Nelson for lunch.

We arrived at the Watford flight mid afternoon and managed to get up through the locks in less than an hour as traffic was light.

Looking down the Watford Flight

The top of the Watford flight

On the journey between the Watdford flight and the Crick tunnel, we passed an interesting boat with modifications for carrying a motor bike. As an ex-biker, this interested me greatly.

Boat with motor bike

We arrived at Crick late afternoon and moored up about half a mile or so north of the marina. We are booked in to have the hull blacked on Wednesday and the weather forecast for today and tomorrow was not looking good so we made the trip yesterday while the weather was good. I am glad that we did as it has been raining all morning.

The signs are up along the tow path close to the marina informing that the moorings are not to be used as of yesterday due to the Crick show at the end of the month. It didn't bother us as we like to moor out in the quieter areas so that the dogs don't get wound up too much by passers by.

We have just finishe a wash in the Hoover WDM-120 Washer/Dryer that came with the boat. It has washed the clothes well but the tumble dryer is a bit of a dissapointment. After 40 minutes tumbling a fairly small load of washing, the clothes are still quite wet. I never have been a fan of Washer/Dryer combos, I had on 15 years ago and it was also not that great at drying. The clothes are now on a clothes horse in front of the diesel Bubble stove. The stove is on, not because it is very cold, it's on because the weather outside is wet and miserable and the boat is much nicer with the fire lit. The washing should be dry in no time.


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