Ten Bob Note  

19th May 2007

Location: North Kilworth.   N52:25:43,W1:05:12   

We pulled the pins early this morning and headed up to North Kilworth at a very leisurely pace.

We have moored just south of bridge 40 as there is a nice pathway from the canal to the village. The canal is a bit shallow here, the boat is about two feet away from the Armco with the gang plank down. We may want to watch a bit of TV tonight so we have moored in a spot with good line of sight to the satellite (no trees in the way).

We walked into the village with the dogs and picked up some supplies and dog food. Once again the shop (part of the garage) in the village sells just about everything you could wish for including daily papers. It is also the village post office.

The washing machine is on again and the water tank is getting low so will need to take on water tomorrow – probably at North Kilworth Wharf, if not there then Foxton top lock.


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