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Date: Thursday 26th November 2009
Location: Harefield, Middlesex GPS: - N051.60823, W0.49881
Miles today: 3 - Locks today: 2 - Total miles: 128 - Total Locks: - 112  



Moved on again today. Filled up with water at Batchworth, stopped off at Tesco at Rickmansworth than pottered on down to Harefield on our way back south.

The canals have been very quiet this last few days, we only saw one boat move yesterday and it only left it’s mooring to go and fill up with water.

A passing boater told us about some large pieces of tree not too far from where we are moored at the moment. Probably a tree cut up after falling in the recent heavy winds. Apparently, the pieces are very thick and are of little use if you haven’t got a chain saw. We will pick them up tomorrow on our way past if they are still there.

It’s nice to be back here in Harefield, even if its only for one night. It’s a nice peaceful location with few passers by.

A big one on the move

Big Boat

Note the motorbike on the stern deck


Very clever use of old scrap - saw these on the tow path south of Rickmansworth

Robot 1

Robot 2

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