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Date: Thursday 19th November 2009
Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.63721, W0.45269
Miles today: 0 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 126 - Total Locks: - 109  



Still ‘resting’ north of Rickmansworth.

Went for a wander down to the Rickmansworth Visitor Moorings but it is still a full house there. At least 5 of the boats moored in the area have been there for months now and are not displaying licenses or mooring permits – time BW did something about them……

The weather has been very windy this last few days but thankfully has remained dry. Judging by weather reports on the radio, other parts of the country have not been so fortunate and there has been quite a bit of flooding in places.

Boats at play on Batchworth lake

Boats at play

Boats at play

CrinckCronk - looking good after all the work on her back in the summer



Cygnet eating the green algae


Winter on the Ebury Way

Ebury Way

Ebury Way back in the summer

Ebury Way

Rickmansworth Visitor Moorings - a full house

Rickmansworth Visitor Moorings

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