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Date: Monday 9th November 2009
Location: Harefield, Middlesex GPS: - N051.62485, W0.49558
Miles today: 4 - Locks today: 3 - Total miles: 123 - Total Locks: - 106  



Time for water again so it was off north to Harefield this morning to fill up.

Have decided to remove the mobile phone reception information from the page heading as it serves little purpose. We are finding that the mobile reception varies so widely that even when moored in the same location for a second time, the reception can be very different.

Views from the window



Fireworks on bonfire night




How did they get planning permission for this I wonder??

It would have been a nice canal side house before the square 'goldfish' bowl was added to it

glass house

glass house

Next door to the 'glass house' much nicer


Nice neat logs


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