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Date: Friday 13th November 2009
Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.63721, W0.45269
Miles today: 3 - Locks today: 3 - Total miles: 126 - Total Locks: - 109  



Decided to head up to Rickmansworth today as we are off on a train journey next week and the station is fairly close to the canal.

A real miserable day today weather wise. Not long after setting off, the rain came on and didn’t stop until after we had moored up.

As usual, Rickmansworth visitor moorings are full up so we had to settle for mooring about a mile north of the town. Still, it’s an easy walk back along the Ebury way.

Black Jack's Lock - note fallen tree across the canal, it's been there a while now

Black Jacks Lock

Black Jacks Mill - nice spot for a B&B see HERE

Black Jacks Mill

Canoes at play

Canoes at play

The Coy Carp pub - very popular for food

Coy Carp

Harry the Herron

Harry the Herron

Hillingdon Narrow Boats - just above Copper Mill Lock

Hillingdon Boats

Through the arch.....

Through the door

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