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Date: Friday 6th November 2009
Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex GPS: - N051.56397, W0.48139
Miles today: 0 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 119 - Total Locks: - 103 Phone: - Poor (S3), GPRS



The new camera has been purchased, decided on the Canon 50D with an 18-200mm lens in the end as I felt like going back to an SLR again. Time will tell if I made the right decision……

All the photos below bar two were taken with the new 50D. Two were taken with the Canon G9. Bet no one can tell the difference !!!!! Says a lot for the quality of the G9.

While out walking this morning (to play with the new camera), we spotted a golf trolley moving along on its own. It turns out that it was being remotely controlled by the guy in the photo. A quick search on the web revealed that they can be purchased for £749.99 – what a bargain, must get one for transporting our mooring pins along the tow path…… Could even put a shopping basket on one and use it in the supermarket. (Google PowaKaddy RoboKaddy Electric Trolley - or similar

A big one on the move

big barge

Bird in Denham Country Park


Old Post Box, Denham - Note: GR for King George

Old Post Box

Wellers Mead

Wellers Mead

nb Woodrolphe, just been re-blacked by the looks of it, nice....

nb Woodrolphe

That's a Remote Control Golf Trolley - the mind boggles.......

Remote Control Golf trolly

Nice old tractor

old tractor

A tree......


Xmas is on the way......


Nice little stream, flows through Wellers Mead


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