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Date: Monday 26th October 2009
Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex GPS: - N051.56392, W0.48135
Miles today: 4 - Locks today: 4 - Total miles: 111 - Total Locks: - 97 Phone: - Poor (S3), GPRS



Once again, not a huge amount to report.

We moved to take on water a few days ago and passed working boats nb Arundel and Joe. It’s always amazing to see how low they are in the water when they are fully loaded. Photos below.

t-mobile internet reception is pretty rubbish around this area, on a couple of days last week, it was so bad that receiving email was a frustrating trial. We ended up popping into Vodafone and buying one of their Pay as You Go USB dongles. We bought it on the understanding that if it didn’t give us reasonable reception at our current mooring location, we could return it and get our money back. The good news (for us) is that it works well in this area, we are getting a few bars of 3g reception and it is fairly constant. We will switch back to the ‘contract’ t-mobile dongle once we get to an area of reasonable t-mobile reception. The Vodafone dongle is 3 times more expensive at £15 per 1GByte of data transfer. The t-mobile contract gives us 3GByte for the same price.

nb Arundel fully loaded and on the move in the early morning mist

nb Arundel

Joe on-tow behind Arundel

nb Joe

Arundel and Joe moored up - the look like they have sunk!!!

Arundel Joe

Arundel Joe

Arundel and Joe - unloaded

You can just about make out the fully-loaded water mark on Arundel's hull (the light line about 6 inches below the top)


Interesting boat



Must be a bit dark inside.....


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