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Date: Thursday 29th October 2009
Location: Harefield, Middlesex GPS: - N051.60823, W0.49881
Miles today: 4 - Locks today: 3 - Total miles: 115 - Total Locks: - 100 Phone: - Poor (S3), GPRS



Time for water again so decided to go north for it this time, back to Copper Mill Lock near Harefield.

A really lovely day today, t-shirt weather.

After filling the tank we decided to stay on in the Harefield area for a few days as there are some nice walks around here.

We are in hovering mode again as we have an appointment in Uxbridge at the end of next week so don’t want to be too far away from the town.

Came across a family of very young ducklings. It’s very late in the year for them, hope the mild weather lasts until they get a bit bigger.

We went for a walk to Denham village a couple of days ago, well worth a visit – photos below.

Denham church

Denham Church

Denham Church

Cottage in Denham

Denham cottage

Denham Village Green

Denham village green

Denham village


The Green Man - Denham

The Green Man Denham

Sir John Mills's house

Sir John Mills

Sir John Mills

The Falcon - Denham

The Falcon - denham

The Swan - Denham

The Swan - Denham

A big one.....

Big Boat

Very late in the year to see ducklings


North Uxbridge visitor moorings

Uxbridge visitor moorings

Photographed this a few times......

paddle narrow boat

Not too many leaves left on the trees now



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