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Date: Monday 19th October 2009
Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex GPS: - N051.56392, W0.48135
Miles today: 5 - Locks today: 4 - Total miles: 107 - Total Locks: - 93 Phone: - Poor (S3), GPRS



Spent a pleasant few nights at Harefield although we did occasionally have to suffer the smell coming from the nearby sewage plant when the wind was in our direction.

nb Baron passed on Sunday so we filled the tank. It took 154 litres, the most we have ever needed. Still, at 60p per litre it was a very competitive price.

nb Baron also offers a toilet tank pump out service at £10 per go, again, a very reasonable price as you can pay anywhere between £12 - £18 at marinas.

We are now moored up just north of Uxbridge, a handy location for trains into London as Uxbridge is on the Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines.

Uxbridge is a handy town with a good selection of shops, all within easy walking distance from the canal.

Autumn is here


nb Baron - coal, gas, diesel, logs and pump-out

nb Baron

nb Baron

Denham Deep Lock

Denham Deep Lock

Note the peacock....


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