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Date: Friday 16th October 2009
Location: Harefield, Middlesex GPS: - N051.60821, W0.49880
Miles today: 2 - Locks today: 2 - Total miles: 102 - Total Locks: - 89 Phone: - Good (S3), 3g



Decided to move on a bit further south today. Spotted a pleasant mooring spot at Harefield so decided to stop here for a few nights.

The weather has turned a bit colder of late, the fire has been lit constantly for the last few days. It will probably stay lit 24/7 all the way through the winter now.

Very quiet here at Harefield, not many boats about at all. Looks like most of the boats that have been out and about for the summer have now returned to their marinas or winter moorings.

View from the window


A bit different - note the wooden structure at the stern.


Lots going on here.....


The peppers are still growing well


Note the sign


Interesting weir


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