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Date: Monday 12th October 2009
Location: South Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.62962, W0.48195
Miles today: 0 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 100 - Total Locks: - 87 Phone: - Good (S2), HSDPA




Still hovering around Rickmansworth, everything is slowing down now for the winter.
We met a boater a couple of weeks ago and he was telling us that he had been asked by a film company if it was possible to use his boat in an episode of the detective Series Lewis. He was more than happy to agree, especially as they were paying him well for the use of his boat. Anyway, we just happened to be wandering along the tow path south of Rickmansworth and came across a film crew filming on his boat. A couple of photos below. In the dialogue, they actors were making out that the location was Oxford.

Our boat safety certificate runs out at the beginning of January so we had it re-tested on Saturday. Pleased to say that it passed with flying colours and we are now covered for another four years. The examination fee came in at £150 which is a touch on the high side but probably par for the course down here in the south. Nb Valerie notes on his blog that he paid £130 just a week or so ago for Valerie’s test.

Filming an episode of Lewis

Filming Lewis

Filming Lewis

A good bit of parking here!!!!


And the sign on the boot reads "Driving Standards Agency - Approved Driving Instructor"


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