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Date: Thursday 24th September 2009
Location: Croxley, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.64585, W0.43807
Miles today: 2 - Locks today: 2 - Total miles: 97 - Total Locks: - 83 Phone: - Good (S2), HSDPA




Just about out of water this morning so time to move. We have had a very pleasant 6 nights in Cassiobury Park.

Just a short journey in lovely weather down to Croxley today. Need to pop into London at the weekend and Croxley station is only a quarter of a mile from the canal.

Weather permitting, we have decided to pay the rivers Lee and Stort a visit as we have never cruised them before. The plan is to go and take a look at Hertford and Bishop Stortford. At the speed we travel at, it will probably take us about three or four weeks just to get to Hertford!!!!

view from the window


Iron Bridge Lock (Cassiobury Park)

Iron Bridge Lock

Interesting boat


And another.....


nb Valerie - a blogger

nb Valerie

nb Rock n Roll, another blogger

nb rock n roll

nb rock n roll

Nice bank of solar panels

Solar Panels

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