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Date: Monday 21st September 2009
Location: Watford, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.66673, W0.42715
Miles today: 0 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 95 - Total Locks: - 81 Phone: - OK (S4), GPRS




Spent a lovely peaceful weekend around Watford’s Cassiobury park. It’s a lovely park and well used by the locals. There are some very pleasant walks through the Whippendell woods. The woods are to be found to the west of the canal, opposite the park.

Came across a lovely old motorbike and sidecar outfit while out walking over the weekend, see photos below.

Interesting old motorbike and sidecar ‘outfit’. So nice to see it still in use

UPDATE: Thanks to info from the canal world forum, it turns out the 'outfit' is:

"It's a Russian Ural (or variant) 1970-71, from the plate (they're still made and look just as old)"

Sidecar outfit

sidecar outfit

nb Ara and Archemedes - coal boats

Ara and Archemedes

Ara and Archemedes

‘different’ McDonalds at Apsley

‘different’ McDonalds at Apsley

Nice roof garden - the photo doesn’t do it justice

roof garden

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