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Date: Friday 18th September 2009
Location: Watford, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.66673, W0.42715
Miles today: 8 - Locks today: 13 - Total miles: 95 - Total Locks: - 81 Phone: - OK (S4), GPRS




We have decided to over winter down here in the south east this year. We have spent the last couple of winters further north so thought we would have a change this year.

We turned around this morning and headed back south, eventually mooring up in Cassiobury park. We attempted to moor in a couple of location south of Kings Langley but couldn’t find deep enough water so had to give up. It’s a shame BW won’t invest in a bit more dredging at the more scenic locations.



Apsley Marina

Apsley Marina

Bridge 154, just south of Apsley

Bridge 154

Bletchley and Argus coal boats are operated by Peter Hawker

Coal Boats

Coal boats

Lone fisherman

Loan fisherman

The Grove golf course, just north of Watford. Lovely countryside

Grove golf course

Stretch golf buggies

stretch golf buggies



Solar water heating panel

Solar water panel

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