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Date: Tuesday 15th September 2009
Location: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire GPS: - N51.73910, W0.46710
Miles today: 0 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 87 - Total Locks: - 68 Phone: - Good (S4), HSDPA




Well, unexpectedly, the pound above Apsley top lock has turned out to be a very pleasant mooring spot. Nice and quiet at night and only a short walk to Sainsbury’s.

It would appear that a local house owner is very concerned about the problems us boaters can face when mooring in shallow water. They have even taken the trouble to put up a sign at the end of their garden – see photo below. As it turns out, it’s not actually too shallow to moor if you have a couple of old car wheels to space the boat away from the side. Shame BW wouldn’t dredge the pound though – perhaps the local residents pay them not to!!!!

A considerate householder, concerned for the boater’s well being....

Hemel sign

Sign on the gate

Hemel sign

It's not too shallow to moor with a couple of wheels down!!!!

Use of old car wheels to space boat away from the bank in shallow water

Wheal spacer

Apsley Top Lock

Apsley Top Lock

Apsley Top Lock cottage, shame it has to be boarded up

Apsly lock cottage

Pund above Apsley top lock - quite a nice mooring spot

Apsley Top pound

A couple of stretches parked near the canal at Apsley



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