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Date: Monday 14th September 2009
Location: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire GPS: - N51.73910, W0.46710
Miles today: 7 - Locks today: 13 - Total miles: 87 - Total Locks: - 68 Phone: - Good (S4), HSDPA




Left Watford this morning and headed on northward. Eventually moored up at Hemel Hempstead after filling up with water just south of Apsley.

Hemel is quite full up at the moment, lots of moored boats in the area, much busier than it was the last time we passed this way two years ago.

Passed a boat with a large solar water heating panel on the roof – photo below. The guy on the boat explained to us that even on a very cloudy day, it heated the water hot enough to have a good shower. Great idea if it wasn’t so big. He can collapse it to get under bridges but it didn’t look like it was a five minute job.

Cassiobury Park Lock - Watford

Cassiobury Park Lock

Interesting little boat

Interesting boat

Caravan ......

Boat Caravan

Boat Caravan

Monster at Kings Langley


Solar hot water heater on a narrow boat

Solar hot water

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