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Date: Friday 11th September 2009
Location: Watford, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.66673, W0.42715
Miles today: 2 - Locks today: 2 - Total miles: 80 - Total Locks: - 55 Phone: - OK (S4), GPRS




Moved on up to Watford’s Cassiobury Park this morning stopping briefly at Cassio Bridge Lock to fill up with water.

After mooring up, we wandered into Watford for a look around the shops.  It’s a pleasant 1.5 mile walk through Cassioburry park to the main shopping centre.

We found a covered market that we didn’t know existed, it’s well worth a visit. Apparently the council wanted to move the stall holders out into the open but the stall holders put together a petition and have just been told that they can stay on under cover. Needless to say, they are all very pleased about the outcome.

View from the window - lovely


Watford Town

Watford Town Centre

Some photos of the Grand Union just north of Watford

GU Canal

GU Canal

GU Canal

Converted work boat, It's lovely inside

Converted Work Boat

Grove Bridge

The Grove Bridge

The Grove Bridge

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