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Date: Thursday 3rd September 2009
Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.63471, W0.46867
Miles today: 0 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 76 - Total Locks: - 50 Phone: - OK (S2), 3g/HSDPA




Not too much to report, have been making the most of this area. Plenty to do and easy access into London.

We have been looking at other boating sites (e.g. LazyDays) and have come to realise just how lucky we have been with regards to the weather down here in the South East. Lots of reports of rain further north but luckily, we have had it fairly good down this way.

Happened to be in St Pancras station yesterday. It really is an impressive building, both inside and out. The renovations for Eurostar have made a huge improvement to the place. Some photos below.

Interesting boat


And another one


Post Office Tower - a bit of renovation work going on near the top.

Opened by Prime Minister Harold Wilson on 8 October 1965

Post Office Tower

Post Office Tower

Statue in St Pancras Station

St Pancras

St Pancras station - still renovating parts of the building

St Pancras

St Pancras - They really have made a lovely job of the renovations

St Pancras

St Pancras

Sunken boat at Rickmansworth

Sunken boat

Sunken boat

Tottenham Court Road

Tottenham Court Rd

Traffic warden in London – she has just booked some one.......

Traffic warden

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