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Date: Monday 28th September 2009
Location: South Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.62962, W0.48195
Miles today: 3 - Locks today: 4 - Total miles: 100 - Total Locks: - 87 Phone: - Good (S2), HSDPA




Moved down to Rickmansworth this morning to top up with water. After leaving the water point we stopped off at Tesco to pick up some shopping.

We had hoped to get a mooring spot at the Rickmansworth 14 day visitor’s moorings but there was no room at the inn at the time we passed so we had to move on to South of Ricky.

We walked back up past the moorings later in the day and a couple of spaces had become free but it was too late for us to turn and head back to them.

Some of the visitor moorings are now occupied by ‘winter moorers’. They have paid BW for the privilege of staying on the moorings for anything up to six months so are entitled to be there. It does make life a bit more difficult for continuous cruisers such as ourselves but I guess it gives BW another level of income.

b.t.w. Many thanks to Maffi for the kind comments he posted on his blog re this web site. We have set aside a bottle or two of red for when we meet up!!!

View from the window

Ricky view

Some nice young boys that get their entertainment by throwing stones at the boats moored at Croxley.

They never came back after I photographed them.


Sign at Penn's museum, Rickmansworth

Penn Museum

Rickmansworth visitor moorings - wall to wall boats at the moment

Rickmansworth moorings

Moorings opposite Tesco all taken as well

Rickmansworth visitor moorings

Batchworth lake (Rickmansworth)

Batchworth lake

Interesting boat

Interesting boat

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