nb Ten Bob Note

Date: Monday 2nd August 2010

Location: Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire

Miles today: 9 -- Locks today: 3 -- Total miles: 3130  -- Total Locks: 2054

Pulled the pins around 10:00 and headed on down to the Severn, stopping to top up with water on the way.

The top paddles at lock 2 are almost impossible to operate with a standard sized windlass – it took all my weight on the windlass to get the mechanism to turn, most women alone wouldn’t stand a chance.

Dropped down through Diglis lock and pottered down the river to Upton upon Severn where we were lucky enough to get into the last mooring spot available.

Last time Ten Bob Note was on this river, it went into flood and I was stuck for 15 days (see HERE) until the water level dropped.

Went for a stroll around Upton town, a place well worth a visit – some photos below.

Current Mooring



The red arrow indicates the hight of the river during the June 2007 floods when Ten Bob Note was stuck on this river for 15 nights


Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral

Diglis lock

Diglis Lock

The River Severn

River Severn

In and around Upton upon Severn

Dated 1668


Was once a church


Church of St Peter and St Paul



Old tow truck

tow truck

Tudor House

Tudor House

Dated 1660

dated 1660